Semelia Fat Burner

We are your Zambian source for Semelia seeds. Our all-natural seeds are sourced from farms right here in Africa.

This whole foods supplement will help you lose weight, eliminate toxins, and get the body you deserve.

Semelia Fat Burner has numerous benefits:

Toxin Removal

Natural chemical compounds fight toxins in your body.

Fat Burning

Lose 3-5 kg per month, then maintain your weight.

Whole Food

Semelia Fat Burner isn’t highly processed – it’s a nut!

No Dieting

No need to count calories or pick at salads.

Effortless Weight Loss

You will easily lose weight while you sleep!


Picked directly from trees in Africa, this seed is all-natural.

Controls Hunger

Reduce hunger pangs and eliminate unnecessary snacking.

No Exercising

No high-impact activities and sore muscles.